"Ms. Gabriel’s vulnerability showcased such admirable strength, allowing the audience to root for her character who so clearly cares about herself in the long-term, rather than choosing short-term pleasures that would inevitably drag out mistakes already in the making." - 730 Review of What Happened That Night

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Headshots by Sub/Urban Photography, lifestyle by JMA Photography, and concept shots by Kat Delby 

WHTN production photos by Clinton B Photography, Twelfth Night Photos by Andrew Watkins, Midsummer and Trojan Women shots courtesy of Tisch School of the Arts


JANUARY 2019: I’ll be ringing in the new year as a mermaid in Cynthia Von Buhler’s immersive theatrical experience The Illuminati Ball. After following Von Buhler’s work for a long time I’m excited to work on my first immersive production with her!

DECEMBER 2018: This month I get to meld acting with music in the No Name Collective’s production of Twelfth Night. I’ll be playing a variety of ensemble members while directing the production’s band of folk musicians and composing original Irish-style folk cello lines.


JUNE 2018: I'll be revisiting the role of Jenna in Lia Romeo's What Happened That Night at the IRT theater. Tickets here.


WHAT HAPPENED THAT NIGHT (World Premiere of a #MeToo Play)
By Lia Romeo. Directed by Allison Benko.

Jenna and Kate are best friends . . . until one drunken night, Kate ends up in the bathroom with Derek, the guy Jenna has a crush on. Afterwards, Kate says she was raped, while Derek claims it was consensual. A play about sexual violence, rape culture, and what it means to listen.

MARCH 2018: I'm playing Catherine Trodder in a staged reading of The Lady Scribblers, a new restoration era-style comedy by Michaela Goldhaber presented at the Drama League.

MARCH 2018: I'm playing Sally in the staged reading of a new work by Jim Shankman.