photos by Kevin McGann

My main musical project and love is playing in the four-piece folk ensemble Cardboard Rocketship. I also play on and off with various other groups around the city like Morgan Reilly and Threadbare, and collaborate on tracks with other musician friends, like this one here by folk songstress Kailey Prior.

by Studio 5Q

by Studio 5Q

Upcoming Shows:

9/22 solo at The Uke Hit, 7pm

9/21 Cardboard Rocketship @ Arlene’s Grocery, 6pm

9/13 playing with Morgan Reilly @ The Bitter End, 10:30pm

8/23 playing with Threadbare @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1, 8pm

8/23 playing with The Blue Eyed Bettys @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3, 10pm

Check the CBRS website for press reviews and to learn more about us!

photos by Karina Cordova

photos by Studio5Q