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How to Reinvent Live Music

Stagnation is the Enemy

Make It So

Standup Comedy with Sarah Cooper

A Small Fiction

The Paradox of Exceeding Expectations

Bad Different

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I Tried Being BFFs With an AI

Can Humans Fall in Love with AI? (PDF From Snapchat Discover Channel)


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Woodstock’s 50th anniversary festival has been canceled

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Memory cafes offer dementia patients and caregivers a day out with dignity

Marketing Showrunners

Why a Marketing Sage is Creating a Netflix-Style Podcast Show

How One of Marketing’s Best Podcast Hosts Differentiates an Expert Interview Show

The Content Strategist

The 2018 Branded Twitter Awards

The Social Club: Steak-Umm Social Media Manager Nathan Allebach

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6 Dos And Don’ts of Brand Videos

The News, According to Facebook

Can Reddit Be a Friend to Brands and Publishers?

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The Social Club: Charmin Community Manager Beth Harker

Your Brand Needs a Conscience 

What Virtual Reality Can and Can’t Do for Your Brand

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Smart Speakers Are The Latest Content Channel You Should Care About

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The Freelancer

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The 10 Best Bars to Write From in Lower Manhattan

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The 10 Best Coffee Shops for Freelancers: Manhattan Edition (updated edit)

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Is Content Marketing Green?

The Freelancer’s Union

What most people don’t know about one-third of the freelance population

Why you should consider writing branded content

Thrive Global

The freelance revolution can’t ignore one-third of the freelance population

How to avoid burnout as a freelance writer

Conversocial (Ghostwritten)

The Future of AI in Customer Service

11 Characteristics of a Super Useful Chatbot

Watch Out for Apple Business Chat

Should Brands Offer Home Assistant Support?

What Are The Top Customer Service Stats and Trends For 2019?

Brands New Year's Resolution: Break the CX Equation

Ordergroove (Ghostwritten)

The Chill Factor

Giant Killers

Canine Commerce

Apple Seeds the Subscription Economy

5 things you need to know

3 Things You Need to Know

Our Three Biggest Takeaways from Shoptalk

I also write and edit blog  newsletters . Past clients: Contently. Current: Lighthouse Creative.

I also write and edit blog newsletters. Past clients: Contently. Current: Lighthouse Creative.